The designer’s choice:

We have a rich base of design offices cooperating with us. Our rich experience means that we choose optimal technical and economic solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors. We will guide you through the entire project period, helping to determine in particular the selection of materials, technologies, ergonomic solutions, cheap, trouble-free use

Selection of the contractor:

Our company comes from the investment supervision of the owner of the various building objects, We have extensive experience gained on the fields of many construction sites in Poland. On the basis of verification of contractors, we are able to determine if they are able to perform a given investment task without exposing the Investor to risk. We verify the offers of companies during the offer process, recommending the best company for a given task. We verify contracts in terms of technical performance of the task. We determine the risks that can delay the completion of tasks and try to avoid the increase of costs for the execution of construction works.


We carry out the tasks of inspectors of investor’s supervision resulting from the Construction Law and from arrangements with the Investor. We check the technical correctness of the performance of construction works elements, verify the maintenance schedule of the works by the contractor, we check the financial status of the project’s engagement. Experienced in the implementation of large cubature and infrastructure projects, we carry out our tasks in a professional and transparent manner for investors. We are the link connecting the Investor and the Contractor. We participate in the settlement of disputes, representing the interests of the ordering party.


If you are not sure if the project you have is right for your needs – entrust it to us for analysis. We will optimize it, check it for the right construction, fire protection and technological solutions.

We work with specialist geotechnical companies. And the land conditions of investments are becoming more and more difficult. It is therefore necessary to analyze the right solution.

We always use the best, ergonomic solutions with which in the future there are no problems.

You can be sure that your investment will be safe, pleasant and available for use, will meet your expectations.


To implement the investment, you need tools such as a budget or material and financial schedules.

We determine the value of a given task, striving to deposit the entire budget. Such a combination of values ​​is necessary to often plan the value of the entire undertaking at the idea stage. Of course, it must be adapted to the realities of a given period and the possibility of implementation by contractors.

In order to divide tasks into interim payments, often financed by the Bank, it is necessary to prepare material and financial schedules. It is good to go through the construction period smoothly so as not to expose yourself to additional financial burdens not in the period we planned.

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